There were no housing projects for the hills on the 60's to avoid what we suffer today

Choosing a determined spot on the hills to start out with this project

National Guard and Army play an important role on this vital project.

Great housing plans coming from the 50's were stopped and abandoned.

Things were different now if hill’s projects would have been continued

What will the future hold for Venezuela without an urgent housing        project for the hills and the evolving Caracas' shanty towns’ spread?


Caracas' Shanty Towns

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Mother Project in Portuguese and Mother Project "Waste" in English.

In a historical context, housing in Venezuela has meant an unattainable challenge for all governments having on their hands the nation’s fate, in this case Caracas, that despite of being considered a billionaire country’s capital, it began to fill up with barracks and unsafe slums that over the years were slowly flooding the hills found on the city’s outskirts.
In the sixties industrial development was reinforced due to the oil exploitation, creating many jobs in the capital  and bringing a massive migration of people, from both, inside and outside of the country who found no flat spots due to their previous occupation, so they  settled offhand on expanding lands without any soil study, over unexplored and unsafe natural  elevations and hills. Today Caracas has a crown of barracks and shantytowns physically unstable, a problem that has become a growing challenge for all governments, turning every time more difficult to solve, even though the state certainly has the total financial resources to fight it.

In those very same 60's legislators created absolutely no social programs to overcome that beginning problem, back in the days the remedy would have been easier, shorter and inexpensive, but nobody bothered to do so and in addition they abruptly interrupted the good  government housing programs coming from the fifties.
Today the situation has come out of hands and become a defy that of not doing something big, expensive, valid and genuine just now! In little more than twenty years this capital city will become an almost impenetrable maze of danger, highly susceptible to earthquakes, erosions and climate changes and perhaps the most dangerous consequence of all, it would be a permanent, fortified  spread of crime- gangs, fearfully called  " Pandillas " or " Maras " to  become a mortal threat for society, as  they already have flooded over in countries such as Mexico, Brazil and Central America, a clear and present danger not only to the  Venezuelan  themselves, but also a relentless army, tight, young and in standing attack against any police or any  government force ( whatever they may be ) as crime does not have a political flag.


It’s not an easy task to eliminate such spreading of shanty neighborhoods around town in a short period of time, so that’s why this plan came up with a length of time frame, a program known as   " MEDIUM TIME MOTHER PROJECT " because in order to bring and make this costly pilot program (on a single hill) from its beginning to its successful conclusion, complying rigidly with each of its phases, it might take an approximate cycle of three to four years. The name "Mother Project" comes from the fact of being a gigantic plan containing several social programs aimed for the well-being of the mother country.
This proposal structured as a pilot program would take place in a chosen hill, as shown on the left photograph and by its end, it would spring up with every statistical needed for its development, containing the expertise of all earthworks and, mass mobilization and becoming the model to be used on subsequent plans, aimed to eliminate permanently the totality of all Shanty Hills or so called “Rancheríos” in Spanish. This project needs to be well-managed and supervised due to its size and outrageous cost of federal money which must be protected for its mission-oriented only. This type of project does not give place for corruption or larceny that automatically lead to failure of what it’s needed to be achieved, so it is important by the government to appoint a delegate committee to dispense, monitor, account and investigate closely the fate of this federal budget to avoid falling into misappropriation or squandering of public funds.
Given its magnitude this national project will have to be divided into twelve (12) stages    involving professionals such as geologists, engineers, architects, statisticians, sociologists, educators and planners, social workers, accountants, cartographers, lawyers, legislators, etc.  As well as a wide range of workers involved in different jobs such as machinery operators, builders, surveyors, carpenters, masons, plumbers, electricians, blacksmiths and so on, and an immense crew of specialized workers in various trades and public labors. These steps must be completed fully and orderly before giving way to the next one (and because this is an outdoor job taking place on the hills) it will need the physical presence of the National Guard (GN) and the Army to provide protection to the crew, maintain order and  prevent riots, theft and violation of citizens’ rights.

We may therefore talk at a glance about the twelve facets intended by this housing model plan that far from being a half-solution or fall into the embarrassing grade of " Improvised Housing of Common Interest " it rather transforms a nowadays-hill with barracks and shacks  into a large and secure housing facility or complexes, lifted with high building codes and unquestionable attractiveness and functionality, constructions that architecturally may be even more eye-catching than numerous flat areas already urbanized. These jobs will transform an unstable barracks village into a safe, attractive and functional green-neighborhood-hill, dramatically reducing crime and marginality.



Building a nearby sheltering site called (Displacement Area)
Training Posts. (Culture of Maintenance)
Base of Operations, fully built nearby.
General personnel recruitment.
Selection of “Pilot Area”.



A daily routine carried out on the slums.

Fearful formation of gangs fighting ones to another

Their help is needed from the beginning to the end of the project.

Great constructions as “El Helicoide” later to be abandoned and never restored.

It is time now to carry on what was so unfairly stopped